Bali recommended Restaurents and Hotels


Throughout the areas that I have enumerated, with the possible exception of the interior parts of Bali, you will find adequate restaurants to eat at. Once again, I would encourage people to carry water with them or to keep themselves well replenished, as it can be hot in Bali and one can loose a lot of water via sweat, etc.



Stephen's Hotel Picks

Stephen's Picks is not a complete listing of hotels by any means. What it is, is certain hotels that I particularly thought were of good value, and that I would like to stay at. At times, I might give a reason why, other times I might just list the hotel.

Sanur area:
Tandjung Sari this is a boutique hotel which is absolutely exquisite. This hotel is right on the beach with whole variety of different types of accommodations that you can stay in.

The Bali Hyatt and the Grand Bali Beach Hotel are your typically big, rambling hotels, totally opposite from the hotel above, but done with decent taste.

If you are looking for something more on a moderate scale, I would suggest the Santuran Beach Cottages.

Nusa Dua/ Jimbaran Bay Area:
Definitely my number one property that I really enjoyed was the Nusa Dua Beach Hotel, which has a wonderful spa. This really is a good value hotel in all respects, even down to the local restaurants pricing their menu in the local currency, which gives greater value to visitors from abroad such as Americans.

The Ritz Carlton is a very nicely laid out property, although it isn't right on the beach like the Nusadua Beach hotel is, access to the beach is available from a free shuttle from the hotel or you can obtain a free golf cart and just drive yourself down.

The Melia Bali is another very nice hotel located on the beach in Nusa Dua area and has a nice garden layout, which gives the atmosphere of being in a very large garden area. The Sheraton Nusa Dua is another very nicely laid out property that I enjoyed as well.

Jimbaran Bay side
You have the Inter Continental Resort which I thought was one of the nicest hotels I saw with respect to pools; it had a huge layout of pools leading up to a very nice stretch of beach.

For total luxury, you have the Four Seasons Hotel.